drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Taking Stock, Catching Breath

We are at marapfhile's for tonight. Tomorrow, we will see what options look like, and Wednesday through Sunday, we are at DexCon. After that, I am not sure. The damage isn't visually as bad as we'd feared, but power is off to ceiling lights and anything else on the circuits, the door and at least one window need replacing, and the ceiling is gone in the kitchen. There's also a hole in the ceiling of the library / study. We're on the top floor.

The place is relatively secure, and our neighbor one floor down is living in his place, despite his own damaged ceiling and lack of hot water in the building. I don't know how long repairs will take, when insurance will consider living in our apartment viable (which it doesn't right now), and when we will consider it viable.

So, I am still scared and freaking out on and off. But, we are safe and unharmed. We got in, and I am hoping to get in again tomorrow, when the super is there, as he can give me a key to the lock that's currently there. A lot of things got cleaned in our absence, including the bathroom floor. The fridge is currently working, though I think it went out for a while when all the power was cut.

I need to be getting facts, estimates, and informed guesses, and I need to talk to insurance folks and ask questions.

But tonight, all I need to do is rest. We have a place to sleep tonight.
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