drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Current Situation

I now have a key to the lock on our apartment, the one the superintendent supplied after the firemen broke the door down.

He is champing at the bit to do the necessary repair work, but cannot until insurance folks / assessors give him the go ahead, and they're a bit backed up due to the long weekend. I've talked to my insurance company.

We're at the DexCon hotel a day early, and comfortably settled in. I don't know if we'll be able to go back home after the convention, and that's annoying, and a little scary.

But, the scariest thing? Mayor Bloomberg wants to close the fire house that responded.

If that fire house had been closed last week, the extra time it would have taken the next nearest fire house to respond might have meant the fire spread and destroyed more of our apartment and stuff. That would have been unfortunate.

It might also have meant that my neighbor and his guest would now be dead, rather than recovering in a burn unit and capable of talking to me on the phone.

The superintendent is planning to circulate a petition to keep the fire house open.
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