drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,


Word from the superintendent:

Before anyone may live in the building, he must repair the ceiling and doors, and have the gas on.
He must call a licensed plumber to check the pipes.
He may not do any of this until he gets the okay from insurance. He calls the insurance people on Monday, and they are overswamped with paperwork.

The Buildings Department and the HPD (Housing Preservation Department) are involved, and the superintendent will call the public adjustor again.

There is going to be a Vacate Order on the building, and he will ask whether this means everyone must get their stuff out or whether we can come in and out to get or leave stuff, so long as we do not live there.

Monday, I have a meeting at three at the apartment, with our insurance. We have arrangements for the next few days for crashing with our awesome friends while we work on long term arrangements we hope we won't need.

Now, I am at DexCon, back to a game now, still freaking out a bit.
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