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Eclipse Phase was fun. In the game world, personalities can be backed up and downloaded into just about anything. The alpha personality can create modified betas, and four out of the six of us played beta forks of an alpha NPC.

The Sorcerer game was deliciously pulp fantasy. I got the superintendent's update during the character generation phase, so I think I didn't disrupt the pacing. Six players is a lot for Sorcerer, but we agreed that six can work well if half of them are the demons.

The chocolate fondue was delightful. We were able to get on a very short line at the beginning, so things moved fast, and everything was available. We even managed not to pig out too badly.

My evening game got cancelled, so I did some catching up. Among other things, I have now transcribed my raw notes from the Precon panels at Intercon K. They're not always comprehensible, but they're typed in and emailable.

I'm trying not to bounce off too many walls. We have made arrangements for next week, to the degree we can. We only know what we know.
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