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Queue Record

The queue list from Contata's Rotten Apple Filk is behind the cut tag below. Please correct any misspellings, misstatements, misattributions, and so on.

Bob: Going Past Lightspeed
Judy Niller: Tapioca
Will Frank: Er... Does Your Matter Lose Its Cohesion on the Transport Overnight
Peter Alway: Can You Believe It?
B'shuva (I am sure I am misspelling this): Requested, performed by Mabel: The Man Who Never Returned
Ben Newman: Thomas in the Fairy Ring
Shawna: Ravens in the Library
Mark Bernstein: The Mad Scientist's Desderata
Gary Erlich: Ben Newman's Here Be Cartographers
Aaron Davies: Today is Tomorrow's Yesterday
Pavlov's Duck: Cold Water Spring
Joshua Kronengold and Lisa Pado: Lammas Night
Julianna: Ballad of True Thomas (I forget which version)
David: Harbors
Jason: Merlin
B'shuva: Request: When I Was a Boy (Thanks to Abby for recording while I was out)
Robert Rodriguez: Where Have You Been, Oh Randall My Son?
Susan Cochran: Rise Up My Fair One and parody of same (Wise Up?)
Jonathan Baker and Joshua Kronengold: Sign in the Circle (for Judy, of course)
Aaron Davies: Requested a sing along. Mark Bernstein led Cool Green Hills of Earth
Bob: Les Barker's parody of the same as first piece Mark did
Abby: The New Red Rovers
M'liss: Wooing Those Weres (to Waltzing With Bears)
Crystal Paul: Naughty Cats (to Wicked Girls)
Robert: Slaying at Night (to Waltzing With Bears, interpretive dancing by Joshua Kronengold and Lisa Padol)
Judy Miller: Something Battlestar Galactica -- The Purple and Orange Conspiracy
Gary Erlich: Songs Flying Free
Steve Brinich: Mike Rubin's Three Laws of Thermo
Pavlov's Duck: Let Me Be Your Mirror
Leah: The One Ring's song to the tune of Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes
Jason: Soldier on the Wall
Mabel: Itsy Bitsy Spider Rise Again
Shawna: Dryads Harmless? (Again, thanks to Abby for recording)
Paul Estin: This Is My Earth
Susan Cochran: Flatten Your Ass
Mark Bernstein: Old MacDonald Had a Deformed Farm
Joshua Kronengold and Lisa Padol: Frogs, from The Muppet Frog Prince
Beb Newman: Desert Storm -- Moon Goddess
Aaron Davies: Agent of the MIB to the tune of Cover of the Rolling Stones (at least, that's what he was going to do, but I can't seem to remember it...) (For those who've not heard the song, the previous parenthetical remark was a joke.)
Douglas: Asteroid Mine, to Pete Seeger's Dark as a Dungeon
Julianna: Meg Davis's Monster's Lullaby
Harold Stein: Request for one of Dave Weingart's songs: Robert did A Boy Named Harry (a Harry Potter song)
Jonathan Baker: Last of NASA's Engineers. My notes say "MosheZ".
Robert Rodriguez: An original fable he wrote about a man who won a wish

At this point, the queue officially ended, but I managed to record the names of a few more performers and songs.

Kate Farb-Johnson: Everybody Knows, about the Sharing Knife series
Judy Miller: Time Enough. My notes say something about Julia Ecklar that I can't quite read.
Shawna: Yorichi Lullaby to S. J. Tucker's Manticore's Lullaby
Ben Newman: Jedi song to Leslie Fish's tune for Kipling's Recessional
Susan Cochran: Requested Ben Newman's mash up of Ben Sholem (by Debbie Friedman) and Ben Kenobi's theme. My notes say "Prelude to Yehudi Mind Tricks".
Lisa Padol: Requested something from Merav Hoffman. Calling from the Foot of the Beanstalk.
Abby: Jelly Belly in My Belly Button

And there were more songs after that, but that's all I have written down.

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