drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,


Saturday morning, I got to play one of the scenarios that will be in Miskatonic River Press's Tales of the Sleepless City, Call of Cthulhu scenarios set in NYC. MRP does good work, and this one was solid.

In the afternoon, I played Kingdom of Nothing. It's not ideal for a 4 hour convention slot, but we did all have a fun time get a good feel for the game. The evening game was a playtest of Spiral, a game designed to model Lovecraftian tales better than Call of Cthulhu does. While I think the creator is underestimating CoC, Spiral is doing different things, and there's certainly room for both games out there.

Sunday morning, I played a Trail of Cthulhu scenario using the Dread rules. Indeed, my only game purchase this convention was Dread, which I've wanted to pick up for some time. Everything else I could resist, especially given the uncertainty of when we'll be able to go back to our apartment.
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