drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Planning for Tomorrow

We are settled for the night at crash_mccormick and his lovely wife's place. Tomorrow, I have a morning doctor's appointment and an afternoon meeting with a woman from renter's insurance at the apartment,

I do not know at this point if we will be allowed to come and go, picking up and dropping off stuff, so long as we are not living in the apartment; whether we will need to move everything asap; or whether we will not be allowed in at all to get anything.

If we need to move stuff quickly, we do have two storage units half a mile away, and a couple of people have offered to help with this.

If we cannot get in, if something happens to the remainder of our stuff, well, I will be annoyed and ticked. But, really, that's it. We cherish our Stuff, but we have the most important things, and we are out safely. the Stuff in the apartment we can replace or do without. We'd rather not have to. But, we can, and that feels good.

We have set up living arrangements for the coming week. We need to talk to our insurance about making arrangements past that point. We are still collecting offers of crash space, hoping not to need them, but very glad to have them.

We have awesome friends. Thank you all so very much.
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