drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Keeping Fingers Crossed

I met with the woman from renters' insurance, and she'll get back to me tomorrow. She thinks we should get some reimbursement for the food we'll need to ditch, and a small cleaning allowance. We can report new discoveries, should these come up.

The superintendent said that someone came by to look over the building on Sunday, and he's been given the go ahead to start fixing up the apartments on our side of the building. He's hoping to get a new door in tomorrow, and fix up the ceiling shortly thereafter. If things go as hoped, we may be able to go home some time mid to late week. Keep your fingers crossed.

jlighton helped me take a load of stuff out, including mneme's traveling harp. Hopefully, this will be primarily paranoia, although mnemex does want to keep in practice on the harp.

Here's hoping!
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