drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Shout Out for Pelgrane Press

There are some people who get how important good customer relations are. Simon Rogers at Pelgrane Press is one of them.

Some time ago, I ordered a few things from Pelgrane, most of which were pdfs, one of which was hard copy: The Occult Guide to London. Actually, I ordered this both as a pdf and as hard copy, as Pelgrane is one of the companies with very enlightened views on electronic copies. I'm getting free electronic copies of everything I buy at the Strategist, including the lovely Bookhounds of London, which is up for an ENnie Award for Best Cartography and earned an honorable mention for Best Setting. But, I digress.

I was able to download the pdfs as soon as I finished ordering. The hard copy took some time to arrive. It took a lot of time to arrive. This did not particularly bother me, as I had a) the electronic copy, b) a lovely ebook reader capable of handing same, and c) an unghodly long reading queue, including both Mythcon and Hugo finalists.

Shortly before the hard copy arrived -- and arrived where I requested it to be sent, despite the web ordering interface not being able to accept a delivery address that wasn't the billing address. Yay follow up emails and clueful humans! -- an email went out to everyone who had ordered the hard copy of the book, apologizing for the delay and giving us all a $5 voucher good on Pelgrane's site until, oh, December. Did I mention that this is December of 2012?

As it happened, there was something I wanted that was only a couple of bucks more than that, the pdf of Graham Walmsley's The Rending Box. So, I picked that up last night. I'm a fan of his beautifully bleak scenarios, my current favorite of which, The Dance in the Blood, is up for an ENnie Award for Best Writing.

So, win-win, and we're all happy. If mneme and I can somehow find a roomshare that meets our requirements (one bed large enough for the two of us to share, at least one key between us, and walking distance from the action (and we do walk a lot)) and get to GenCon, we'll be even happier, but if not, hey, not bad, right?

Today, I got another email from Pelgrane Press. There are four Trail of Cthulhu adventures that were released as separate pdfs and will now be released as one print book called Out of Time. I only own one of the pdfs, The Big Hoodoo, but I'd love to have the whole collection.

Normally, I'd wait for this to come to the Strategist, and depending on the math, I still might. But, if I preorder it now, I get $1.50 off because I own one of the pdfs that comprise the book. If I owned all four, it would be $6 off.

I don't know if the math works, as I don't know how much shipping costs. So, I might just wait a bit. There's something to be said for encouraging the Strategist to keep ordering in Trail of Cthulhu products. But, you can bet every one of us getting a voucher is thinking very enthusiastically positive thoughts about Pelgrane Press right now.

The thing is, it would never occur to me to expect either of these vouchers. Pelgrane isn't merely doing what is right and proper. Pelgrane is being proactive about good customer relations. And this is something I will remember when I find myself in a game store or at a gaming convention, deciding where to spend my Fun budget.
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