drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Voting for Hugos -- If Eligible, Please Do!

The deadline for voting on the Hugo Awards is fast approaching, and for the first time, I have read all of the novels, novellas, novelettes, short stories, and graphic novels under consideration. Whee!

seanan_mcguire, one of the talented people whose works are under consideration, posted:

If you are eligible to vote, it has never been easier to get a clear view of the entire ballot. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Hugo committee, we have an electronic voting package that is a bibliophile's dream; you can read and consider absolutely everything that's asking for your vote. And if you're not a member yet, but were thinking about it, you can still register with full voting rights if you do it soon.

She's right. It really is easier than ever. Etext technology advances combined with the awesome Hugo packets meant that I could walk around with a light ebook reader with all the goodies in one place.

So, if you have a membership or a supporting membership, and you have the time, please use it! Read, watch, think, and vote!

I know plenty of people aren't interested or can't afford this or don't have the time. That's fine. I suspect some people do what I do and recuse themselves from categories they haven't been able to familiarize themselves with. This is why I am currently voting on five of the categories, which is three more than I usually do, and I may not get a chance to vote on the Best Dramatic Presentation: Long Form, like I usually do. (I've not yet seen Toy Story 3, and I'm choosing not to prioritize that. I will not vote on the category if I have not seen it.) I know some people still aren't comfortable reading etext, especially novel-length etext, let alone five novels worth, one of which had to be turned into two novels, and printing all that stuff out is not likely to be practical. The technology was finally there for me this year; other people have different needs.

But the point is, in all of these situations, one is making a choice. The situation I want to avoid is where someone just forgets or really means to do it, but doesn't bother. I want to see more people familiar with more of the works up for Hugos, and more people voting based on full knowledge of what's out there.
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