drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Taking Stock

General reports from before are still accurate, although we are now seeing the messy details.

The study air conditioner was damaged, presumably by the firement. It is broken-but-functional. The functional part is important.

The dishes are all, and I mean all, dirty. Ash, debris, smoke -- whatever it is, it gets in everywhere. We don't have a (mechanical) dishwasher. I am still enough in "Okay, brain. Must do brain" mode that zrealm had to point out the obvious temporary fix to me, i.e., paper plates, plastic utensils, and so on. It wasn't that I was worrying exactly, just that it simply hadn't occurred to me that this was an option.

There's a sort of general layer of grime in the kitchen and certain areas of the living room. There's clearly still glass, as mneme found and tossed a piece last night.

I found usable bags for Garbage, Oh I Meant This to Go to Goodwill, and so on. This is useful.

The contractor is working on the ceiling in the kitchen, which exists again. By tonight, I am hoping we will have light in the kitchen, as well as a working stove.

We still have the hole in the study / library ceiling.

Our special lock is still in the basement. The superintendent will return it when he gets a chance (we are in one of six apartments in the building, and he's working on at least two more, trying not to let the knot of worry in his stomach slow him down). The bolt part is gone, but we might be able to get another bolt without replacing the lock. We'll replace it if need be, but not replacing it means we don't have to go through the whole getting keys for a new lock business.

I'm slowly unpacking, and trying to remember all of our upcoming conventions.

We need to know what level of cleaner handles the situation our apartment is in, and some recommendations as to such cleaners. Allstate is giving us a small allowance for this, and I want to make good use of it.

I could maybe use someone to hold my hand metaphorically, but... you know, I don't need that, and we've been needing a lot these last two weeks. It's feeling good to be able to cope on my own for the few hours before I go into the city today.

I asked the superintendent about whether to write the rent check or not, as ours is due mid-month. He had given the subject about as much thought as I, which is to say not a lot, given other priorities. At first, he said to write out the check as usual, and he'd sort out what to credit us when the insurance on his end came through. I would have been willing to do that and trust him. But, after a moment, he said to write out the check for half the usual amount, and write on it what night we first came back in (i.e., last night).

I did this, giving it to him along with the key for the padlock that is no longer on our door. We have a door that opens and closes, locks and unlocks!
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