drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Settling Back In

We're settled comfortably at this point. The superintendent and his contractor still need to do a bit more work in kitchen and study, but mostly we need someone to clean the kitchen, as in everything in it, starting with all the dishes, and we do not have a dishwasher.

I'm getting a couple of recommendations of people from friends, and I want to talk to the woman from Allstate to see if she had some particular agency in mind (the single cleaning service I contacted does indeed do post-fire cleanup, but its low end is significantly more than the allowance -- this is too small a sample set from which to draw conclusions) or if she was thinking that any generally competent cleaning person can handle what we need done (which is my guess, but I want to know for sure).

We've done some triaging the stuff the cleaning folks the superintendent got in put into bags. A lot of the dead stuff is now out in the trash (broken glass, dead food, that sort of thing). We've located the blinds for the living room, and mneme put them up. They probably could use a cleaning, but right now, it's Just Fine.

I'm at the "could use someone to hold my hand and walk me through a bit more clean up, but don't actually _need_ it" stage, and we're taking tomorrow off and going to Confluence Thursday evening.
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