drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

So... Gen Con

mneme and I had decided that we would not do Gen Con this year. Instead, we would do Origins. It was a fine year to do Origins, allergies notwithstanding. The bumps I heard about from last year were gone, and the uncertainties involved in the date change for next year were safely a year a way.

But, on Saturday night at Origins, mnemex and I sighed wistfully for Gen Con. We both wanted to do it, even though our summer was already quite full. We discussed it over the next couple of weeks, deciding that we would decide one way or the other by the week after DexCon.

And, despite the unexpected excitement of the fire in our building, we didn't forget about Gen Con. The week after Dex Con, we had not yet found people who could offer a room share that would work for us. I asked if we still wanted to go. We did, of course, but the room was still a sticking point.

mnemex looked at his You Stay In Our Hotel A Lot cards, and... so, we have a room, at the Crowne Plaza at Union Station. The rate is reasonable. The location is reasonable. We can't put extra people in the room, but that's all right. The fee for fridge rental is high enough that we'll do without. But, we have a room. And a flight. And memberships. And generic tickets, and, in my case, even a couple of games already scheduled. I'm already asking people for recommendations about New Shiny Things to look at. I'm saying I can buy no more than eight things, because if I say I can buy no more than ten things, I will likely wind up with twelve things. I don't know if I'll stick to this, but I have gotten good at targeting my shopping at Gen Con and Origins. The only bargains I'm looking for are on behalf of other people, so they won't clutter up our apartment.

We're going to Gen Con. It's like being hit by the happy whirlwind.
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