drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

WorldCon, Day 0

The flight from Salt Lake City to Reno went quickly, and the hotel shuttle arrived on schedule. The Peppermill is big. Really big. Our room is big, too, but it's a smaller sort of big.

We had lunch at the Island Buffet, one of the nine restaurants in our hotel, and discovered that Cafe Milano, the 24 hour coffee shop in the hotel, has a special deal on breakfast between midnight and 6 am. Then, we decided to walk to the Atlantis. I don't anticipate doing that much now that we've done it.

We have our badges. We made a trip to the local supermarket and ate at the Chinese restaurant in the same complex. Good entries, egg custard buns fresh from the oven, but the shrimp dim sum dumplings had clearly been sitting around for a bit.

We returned to the convention center, went to Lise and Moshe's party, hung out, and walked back to the Peppermill with Ellen Asher. At night, the walk's actually pleasant. mneme went to check out the filking, which wasn't really happening tonight, then joined me in the room.

I know what I plan to do tomorrow. After that, it gets complicated.

WorldCon is somewhere around a tenth of the size of Gen Con, but, in its own way, it can be just as overwhelming. Everything is scheduled against everything else, and there aren't many events I can't just waltz into.

There is enough dancing and music that I have to make difficult choices between Dance and Panel or Conert and Panel. And, if I'm going for a Panel, there's usually several panels I want to go to at that slot. The evening dances aren't going to be a problem, but the tea dances mayy be.

Readings, concerts, panels, interviews, speeches, dances, plays, shopping, food... The good news is that there's an app for Renovation. The less good news is that it isn't working on my phone in my hotel room. I'll see if it works tomorrow at the convention center. Gonna try to be smart and crash now.
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