drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

WorldCon, Day 1

Being at WorldCon is sort of like being on fairy time. Things go by quickly, yet days seem like they were much longer. The casinos in the hotels are like being under the hill, where it is neither day nor night.

We caught the shuttle bus from the Peppermill to the convention center and did some shopping. mnemex played a couple of games. We have voted for the 2013 site, presupported Spokane, and friended London in the giving the folks at the bid table money sense, rather than the following the bid on the internet sense.

We had All You Can Eat sushi at the Atlantis. It was very good. We danced at the Tricky Pixie concert, taking advantage of the lovely wooden floor at the cost of only visually seeing the band when our dancing was close enough and facing the correct way. We say Roger Zelazny's play, Godson, which was a delightful variant on an old tale I first heard from the Carpathian at Jersey DevilCon 3.

Then, we filked, party crawled, accidentally managed to catch the bus to the Peppermill, and filked some more. Tomorrow, smofing, dancing, and filking. There's a great music and dance track I will be neglecting large portions of because I want to make panels. And I want to fit in a docent tour of the art show.
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