drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

WorldCon, Day 3

We got up later than planned, but got a lift from a fan heading to the convention center. This was good as we seemed to have just missed the previous shuttle.

We'd missed the first hour of the WSFS meeting, but arrived as the issues we'd originally come to a WSFS meeting for came up on the agenda. Several hours of dancing and filking (and mneme did two more hours of dancing than I did, as he went to the tea dance -- and he did another tea dance after he left the WSFS meeting) means getting up early a second time isn't so easy.

I made part of a panel on science fiction in the Seventies. Then, I went to a panel about selecting short stories for anthologies with David Hartwell, Ellen Datlow, Gardner Dozois, and Jonathan Strahan.

After this and the tea dance, we met at the Docent Art Tour conducted by Teresa Nielsen Hayden and Ctein. They are very good at this, which is why the tour was well attended. Hearing was sometimes a challenge, between the size of the tour and the acoustics in the hall. We saw the original cover art for the first paperback edition of Stranger in a Strange Land and some amazing photographs.

We did the Oyster Bar in the Atlantis, which was both good and surprisingly reasonably priced. Then I went to a panel on the future of cities. We caught a cab to the Peppermill, and then I went back to the Atlantis, which was against the direction of traffic, so easier, and I went to the San Cipriano and London parties, getting a Silver Bullet and a Murphy's stout.

Then I went back to the Peppermill for the second half of the Regency Ball. We did some filking after that, until everyone including ourselves went to sleep.
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