drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

WorldCon, Day 4

I managed to get to the convention center in time to make most of the Writer Beware panel, which was informative and darkly amusing. Then, I went to "A Quarter Century (and more) of Sciience Fiction and Gender".

After that, we went to S. J. Tucker's concert which turned into a Tricky Pixie concert which turned into an Alexander James Adams concert. We listened and danced. I left a bit early so that I could mail a package of books home via UPS. We didn't buy a huge number of books, but between the freebie table and the wish of a recently deceased fan that her books be given to fandom, we accumulated more than I think would fit easily in our luggage.

We went to the dialogue between Bill Willingham and Seanan McGuire. Then, we went to the Diana Wynne Jones panel. Then, we did a la carte sushi at the Atlantis, as the sushi bar was too crowded for us to do All You Can Eat.

Then, we wnt to parties. We did the Klingon Black Hole. The Romulan Ale was nice, but the Disruptor was magnificent. We spent some time in the Liad party, occasionally checking Twitter for Hugo news. Then, we returned to the Peppermill.

Me: We can go to our room, boot up the laptop, and watch the live feed of the Hugos.

mnemex: Or we could just go to the Hugos.

We arrived as the Short Story award was presented and found a comfortable spot to stand in. mnemex estimated the audience at 2,000, based on some seat counting and extrapolation. The room was large enough that it didn't feel crowded.

After the ceremony, we hung out, talked to people, and ate gelato. Then, we went to our room to get the harp, but realized we were too tired to filk, so we got a full night's sleep instead.
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