drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

WorldCon, Day 5

We had a reasonable amount of sleep. mnemex went to the Serenity dance, while I went to a panel on the Fisher King. We met up and went to the Closing Ceremonies, which was pleasant, although our belief that Tricky Pixie would play there turned out to be mistaken.

We went to the Con Suite and stayed after it turned into the Dead Dog, meeting in person a couple we'd only known via Alarums & Excursions until then. Then, we went in search of dinner, with a detour in the casinos to sample the drinks the hotel created for the convention. The Matrix proved to be a Long Island Iced Tea which packed enough of a wallop that we didn't need drinks with dinner, which we had at the nearby pub. The waitress was apologetic about the pub being sold out of a few things, but we were able for find enough to eat.

We walked back to the Peppermill and went to the Dead Cat filk until it folded, and then to the area where folks had been gaming, but were now chatting. We joined them for a while, then went to sleep.

Today, we have a six o'clock flight from Reno to Salt Lake City, a three hour layover, and then a flight to NYC, arriving at about six in the morning.
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