drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Recent Reading

70. Alarums & Excursions #430

71. Bookhounds of London, by Kenneth Hite. Lovely campaign setting for Trail of Cthulhu.

72. The Midnight Mayor, by Kate Griffith. Respectfully, the friends who told me to stop after the first were wrong. I liked this one better. It caters to my tastes.

73. MPD Psycho #2. Manga purchased during the going out-of-business sale at Borders, so #1 wasn't available. I find that starting a manga series with volume 2 and going back actually works well for me.

74. Black Butler #6, a manga I have been following starting with #1.

75. The Dance and the Dawn, by Dev Parkayastha. I loved the larp, and this is an interesting translation of it to tabletop. The changes make sense given the change in media / format.

76. Alarums & Excursions #431

77. The Fiasco Companion, by Jason Morningstar and Steven Segay. Lots of useful stuff here.

78. This Is a Dark Ride, a setting and adventure for the RPG In Dark Alleys. The adventure's decent, with entry points, NPCs and their plans, potential fallout, and no "no matter what, X will happen" crap. But, the background of the real world setting is even juicier.

79. Welcome to Bordertown, edited by Holly Black and Ellen Kushner. Good mix of stories and poems. Some of the stories are oddly gentle, but... that's not a bad, as I don't mind not having cliched inevitable confrontations. One or two I'm less sure about. I'm starting a reread of the older books, and was startled to realize that the first two anthologies had four stories each.

80. Batwoman: Elegy, writing by Greg Rucka, artwork by J.H. Williams III, with colors by Dave Stewart. One of the staff at Manhattan Comics thought it'd be right up my alley, and he was correct.
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