drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

After the Storm: This Was Not a Tempest in a Teapot

I do not want to hear that the worry about Irene was hype. It wasn't.
I do not want to hear that closing the subways and evacuating was stupid. It wasn't.

A "mere" tropical storm means the winds weren't 70 mph, but, in this case, "merely" 65 mph.
Subway stations were flooded.
The meat packing district got a foot of water.
Nine people died. If none of them were in NYC, that means we had a combination of good luck and good planning.

There are cases where preparing for the worst case scenario is essential. This was one of them.

So, we have a lot of canned goods. You know, I can deal. We had to toss a lot of food after the fire in our building, so I looked at that as restocking if we were spared the worst. I picked up some supplies I didn't think we'd need for this storm, like emergency sleeping bags that are compressed to about the size of my small fist, because I want them in a jump bag. I picked up water purification tablets Just In Case. If we do not have to use them, I am delighted.

I bought two unusual flashlights, both because I wanted more in the house and because these are really good, really cool, and really portable. They were also discounted, bless EMS. We will get use out of them, even if we are fortunate enough never to have an emergency.

All the people bitching about the "hype" are being idiots. This is the worst thing about our good fortune, that people may not believe it when a more serious storm hits. Make no mistake: we were not just lucky. A lot of people put a lot of serious thought into planning to minimize the damage of this storm, and if things go back to what we consider normal quickly, it will be due to their plans and to the hard work of those implementing them.

I understand being annoyed if your plans were cancelled because of the storm and the preparations for it. It's fine to be annoyed that you couldn't do what you planned. It's carrying that one step further that infuriates me.

For those who are annoyed that we didn't have a worse storm because their plans were cancelled for nothing, stick it up your ass hard, and spin on it. How dare you wish a hurricane on my city? Do you comprehend that you are saying, "Damn, I wish that a major city had been hit by a catastrophic hurricane, doing some real structural damage that left people without power and vital services, that maybe caused serious injuries and deaths, so that it meant something that my plans were cancelled"? How dare you wish that on me and mine?
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