drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Health Alert

For anyone who's been in skin to skin contact (you know, like hugs) with me or mneme in the last month or so and hasn't already heard the news:

I've been diagnosed with scabies. This is annoying-but-curable, spreads through skin to skin contact, and has about a one month incubation period.

This is what I had at Arisia when I though that I might have found winter mosquitoes or that the hotel was using some noxious detergent on its sheets or something.

We also came home with con crud, laying mnemex out for a couple of days and knocking me out after I'd gotten the diagnosis and the cure for the scabies. Today, I am startled to note that I am actually hungry.

If you get itchy bug bite marks, see your doctor. Stay safe and healthy.
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