drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

We Survived Intercon L!

So, Team Straightjackets Optional decided to bid two new larps for Intercon L. How hard could it be? Why, one was practically written already! Well, sort of -- we were going to repurpose our Jungle Larp, Quest for the Lost McGuffin, but we wound up starting from scratch.

With help from some amazing people, we got the games written on time, and stuffed. Sure, it took a week or two of very, very late nights. And, yes, I was stuffing envelopes and writing contingency notes until the last minute. But, they ran.

And, I think they went well. In both cases, the players did a lot of running the game without any need for us, as intended. We had wonderful cast members for both games. We had wonderful players for both games.

So, now? Electric Labyrinth needs to be tweaked. The characters are probably solid, but some of the rules need to be written down, and a couple of things changed. Vu to a Kill needs a rewrite. Also, this is an amnesia larp where, about an hour into game, the players get a huge infodump to read. Accompanying that with a "Here's the short version" would probably be a Very Good Idea.

But, we survived. We will run and write more larps. We just won't bid two unwritten games in the same year.
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