drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Recent Reading

7. Under the Poppy, by Kathe Koja. Not entirely to my taste, but I'm glad I read it.

8. Black Butler #8 (manga).

9. Faces in the Smoke, Volume 1: The Secret Masters, for the Victoriana RPG.

10. S/lay w/Me, an RPG by Ron Edwards that packs a whole lot into a small space.

11. Salem: Queen of Thorns (graphic novel).

12. The Book of the Smoke, by Paula Dempsey. For the 1st edition Victoriana RPG, not to be confused with the revised version that was just released (and yes, on my shelf already).

13. The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde, graphic novel by Cole Haddon and M. S. Corley. If we keep the graphic novel Hugo Award (and I think we should), this is one I'm considering nominating next year.

14. Alarums & Excursions #437.

15. Cain, vols 1-4b, by Kaori Yuki (manga, reread, total of 5 volumes which I'm counting as one unit -- this is part of a 13 volume series, 5 volumes of which are Cain and 8 of which are Godchild).

16. GxB, an RPG by Jake Richmond, art by Heather Aplington. About a girl trying to choose between three suitors. Hadn't thought it was my cup of tea, but the Jedi hack is brilliant.

17. Tulip Academy's Society for Dangerous Gentleman, an RPG by Nick Smith, with art by Kayla Mayer. I need to see how this one plays.

18. Godchild, vols 1-5, by Kaori Yuki (manga, reread, counting these as one unit and 6-8 as another).

19. Faces in the Smoke, Volume 2: Shadow and Steel, for the Victoriana RPG.

20. Alarums & Excursions #438

21. Invasive Procedures, for the RPG Fear Itself (though it can be tweaked for Trail of Cthulhu), by Gareth Hanrahan. Well done, but I'm not sure whether I'm up to running it.

22. Godchild, vols 6-8, by Karoi Yuki (manga, reread, counting these three as one unit).

23. Drinking at the Movies, by Julia Wertz. Graphic novel.

24. Higurashi: When They Cry: Atonement Arc #3. Why yes, I do pick up random volumes of manga at the library to see if I want to follow a series.

25. Maoh Juvenile Remix #6. See above.

26. Monsterhearts, an RPG, by Joe Mcdaldno. This is the early release version, which means I'm going to read the finished version. (I don't think there are likely to be that many differences, as this is pretty clean.)

27. Case Closed #34, another random manga volume I took out of the library. Intriguing, but I'm not sure I want to commit to the entire series.

28. The Bible Repairman and Other Stories, by Tim Powers. Very good.

29. Killing Demons, graphic novel, by Peter Siegel (actually Peter Aaron Rose), illustrated by Brent White. Also, there's an essay on horror films at the end, which I found intriguing and creepy (which is to say it gave me the creeps -- it was quite reasonably written).

30. Discount Armageddon, by Seanan McGuire (and I still have to look up the spelling of "Armageddon"). Delightful. One of those books one wants to read faster and slower at the same time.

31. Rapunzel's Revenge, graphic novel, by Shannon and Dean Hale, illustrated by Nathan Hale. It's very interesting to compare this to the movie Tangled, and maybe I should write something doing just that.

32. The Night Circus, by Erin Morganstern. Very good, another one I wanted to read both faster and slower.
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