drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Wicked Girls! Oh, and PaxEast

So, we are at Pax East, going to demo again tomorrow. Right now, we are at some awesome concerts, and there was a song about George R. R. Martin, who is up for a Hugo award for the latest Song of Ice and Fire novel.

A lot of interesting stuff on the Hugo ballot, a lot of tricky calls I will have to make. But, for me, the best thing is the one that sent me running to mneme calling "Wicked Girls is on the ballot! Wicked Girls is on the ballot! Wicked Girls is on the ballot!" I, of course, that Seanan McGuire's CD, Wicked Girls, is up for a Hugo for Best Related Work. I hope it wins, but win, lose, or draw, it is ON the ballot!
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