drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

It Shouldn't Be Noteworthy / Possible Scabies Alert

It's possible I've got scabies again -- I'm trying to make an appointment to see my dermatologist.

The dermatologist's office is closed today and tomorrow, but, unlike far too many doctors these days, he has voice mail set up in a way that actually allows me to leave a non-emergency message requesting an appointment. Full kudos to him.

But, I am sad and angry that this should be noteworthy.

It is simply not possible for me to leave a non-emergency message for my GP outside of business hours. The only thing I can do outside of business hours is to call his voice mail service, and, while I will get a live person, the only message that live person will take is, "This is an emergency. Please have the doctor call me back at this number."

Back when my father was still alive, I tried to call his GP's office so that I could give the staff contact information. The message I got included: "Do not leave a message!" Mind, there was absolutely no way to do so. It also included incorrect information about when the office would be reopening, as the person making the recording had forgotten about a Monday holiday.
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