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Recent Reading

83. Fall of Cthulhu, volumes 1-5 (Volume 1 was a reread). My sort of comic. I can't easily find volume 6, but 1-5 seem to be a complete arc, with 6 as a flahsback.

84. The Earl and the Fairy, volume 3, manga.

85. Alarums & Excursions #444

86. Drops of God #3, manga, continues to be excellent.

87. Hide Me Among the Graves, by Tim Powers. Good, solid Powers novel, set after the novel The Stress of Her Regard and one of the stories in The Bible Repairman collection.

88. The Victorian Underworld, by Donald Thomas. About the criminal underworld, not the actual underground, which is also a fascinating area of study. And reading about how the Great Train Robbery was pulled off and exactly how and why the perpetrators got caught was a hoot.

89. Sly Mongoose, by Tobias Buckell

90. Drops of God #4, manga. Excellent, over the top. Alas, the publisher and the author decided that the American "volume 5" will jump ahead to a later volume, and reprint the earlier stuff if things continue to sell well, leaving me with a choice of rewarding them for not allowing me to buy the series in order or risking the volumes they skipped over not being reprinted because sales are too low because, hey, surprise! As a customer, I don't like being dicked around like that. (So, you like Volumes 1 and 2 of Zelazny's Amber? Well, let's skip ahead to Volume 6 (aka Volume 1 of the second Amber series), and we'll reprint the rest if that and the next couple after Volume 6 sell well.)

91. Nobilis: Antithesis, by Jenna Moran. This supplement for Nobilis was almost a stealth release. If you like Nobilis 3rd edition, you will like this. If you have liked earlier editions of Nobilis, your odds of liking this are pretty good (and check out her Enemies Endure kickstarter on Indiegogo).

92. Dark Continent, an RPG. This is set in Africa, roughly in the 1860s and 1870s, with some liberties with dates. The research looks solid, though I lack the background to know what the good to problematic ratio is.

93. The Complete Masks of Nyarlathotep, 4th edition, for Call of Cthulhu, essentially a reread. A classic and beloved Call of Cthulhu campaign, and again, I cannot tell what the good to problematic ratio is. There are some things that might have been altered if this had been written today, but those involve decisions about some of the regular activities of the worshipers of the Outer Gods, as opposed to the background research, which seems solid.

94. Secrets of the Congo, a monograph for the Call of Cthulhu RPG. The scenarios here are set in the 1920s, although I am likely to backdate them about eighty years. While, as before, I don't know enough to know the good to problematic ratio here, it feels more problematic than the other two. It was also written more recently, so I may be less inclined to cut the author slack.

95. Shadows over Filmland, for Trail of Cthulhu, by Robin Laws and Kenneth Hite. The scenarios here play into hoary film cliches and are quite open about doing so. This is a lot of fun, and it is expanding my list of films I ought to see.

96. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, by Cathrynne Valente. Reread, as I wanted this fresh in my mind before turning to the sequel. Still excellent.

97. The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Lead the Revels There, by Catherynne Valente. I need to think about this one, but it's definitely good, and I was right to reread the first one before reading this one.

98. Locke and Key Volume 1: Welcome to Lovecraft, graphic novel. I read volume 4 when I was doing my Hugo reading, and now I'm going back to the beginning. I'd been told that the series didn't really take off until volume 2, but volume 1 seems to be pretty clear on where it's going.

99. Ashes of Honor, by Seanan McGuire, 6th book in the Toby Daye series. I like this one, which is hardly a surprise. I don't have the issues with it that I did with #4 and #5, but I will say for the record that Tybalt is totally wrong about Connor. Then again, that's one of the things I did like about #5, that everyone who was sure Connor wasn't good enough for Toby was pretty conclusively proved wrong.
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