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Recent Viewing

I enjoyed all of these.

Frankenweenie: Homage, with lots of callbacks. Parents who like and love each other. A science teacher I'd wish I had except that at the age of those kids, I would totally not have appreciated him. Some folks have some issues with this film, and, while I really like it, I could wish that the Weird Girl had actually been given a name and that one other female character had been allowed to be competent in her area of expertise. I probably do want to watch the original.

The One: Jet Li gets to be both good and evil, as this is about a guy trying to kill off his selves in parallel universes. Good, silly fun, though bear in mind I'd forgive a whole lot for one particular piece of cleverness:

In the universe with Evil Jet Li, the tech's higher, and the television mentions President Gore. When we get to the universe with Good Jet Lee, it's our tech level (as of 2001, when the movie came out), and the television mentions President Bush -- is about to address Congress concerning his universal healthcare plan.

Wreck-It Ralph: The best of the three, I think, and sets a very high bar. Lots of callbacks to various games and clever bits, one of which mneme explained to me after the movie. I spotted one Checkhov's Gun, but it was used in a completely different way than I'd anticipated, which is great. I figured out one secret ahead of the reveal -- but not all that much ahead of it. The one thing that I would normally consider akin to idiot plotting gets a pass, as it's programmed into the video character's backstory and is not her fault.

I note that the trailer for Wreck-It Ralph and the one for Jack Frost (which we've not yet seen) both avoid the two problems I've seen other trailers have. One is Too Many Explosions, which, to be fair, isn't a problem per se, just an indication that this may not be a movie I want to see. The other is when a trailer pretty much tells the whole story. These two trailers did neither.

We also saw a short, Paper Man. Am I the only one who thinks that the title character's boss was extremely forebearing? I've been a manager, and I honestly don't know how well I would have handled someone doing the equivalent of what the title character did.
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