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Playing Stories, Telling Games again online

Back at my first International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, John Fast asked me to write a paper for a panel on roleplaying games for the following year. I did this, and I hope he liked it. It was extremely basic, especially when compared to the other two papers in the session. Fortunately, I presented my paper first, and it served as a solid introduction to the other two, especially for audience members who were not very familiar with roleplaying games.

My father asked if he could put it on his website. I agreed. I thought of this as the modern equivalent of putting one's child's artwork up on the refrigerator. But, people found it useful. In 2004, nine years after I presented my paper, it was cited in Beyond Role and Play, an anthology of articles on roleplaying.

The anthology was published in Finland. I have never been there, and I do not think I have met any of the contributors.

It is now nine years after that anthology was published. It is eighteen years since I presented "Playing Stories, Telling Games" at the ICFA. I have no idea whether it is still useful or relevant. But, I have put it here, in case anyone wants to read it.
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