drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Trying New Things

This week, mneme and I tried out La Vie en Szechuan, a Szechuan place across the street from The Compleat Strategist. Delicious food -- my mouth was tingling for an hour afterwards. Why yes, yes we did order spicy dishes.

Tuesday, we decided to go to Dempsey's for the session night. This was exactly what I expected. We walked in, were welcomed, and heard session tunes played by folks with fiddles, drums, guitars, flutes, and concertinas. mnemex pulled out his harp and joined in. I decided that this was not the correct venue for my kazoo, so I clapped. The place was very crowded. The tunes all sounded familiar to me, though I couldn't tell you what most of them were. The next time we do this, we want to arrive earlier.

Tonight, we went to Queen Vic for a book launch party for Queen Victoria's Book of Spells. At first, it was crowded and full of loud music. I managed not to flee by reminding myself that the music would have to be turned off for the reading, and indeed it was. We heard tantalizing parts of five stories, got our copy of the book autographed, and got compliments on our outfits. The music stayed off during the intermission. Sadly, as soon as the reading was over, it went back on, and there was a mass exodus of folks present for the reading, including us. If the music had stayed off, we would have stuck around for at least another hour, ordering food and drinks, and I suspect a lot of the others who left would have as well. We're a crowd that's into talking to each other, not shouting over music.
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