drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Hugo Nominees Announced

You can find the 2013 Hugo Nominees in many places online.

Wow. Just... wow.

I mean, I'd have loved for a couple of items that aren't on the ballot to be there. I so wanted the footage of the NASA control room during the Curiosity landing for Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form. I would have pushed myself through the four (five?) years of Doctor Who I have to catch up on for that.

I'm sorry that volume six of The Unwritten and Castle Waiting didn't make the ballot. And, as I help with The New York Review of Science Fiction together, I'd have loved to see that get a nomination for Best Semiprozine.

But, I'm really happy with a lot of what is on the ballot, stuff I'm familiar with and stuff I'm going to be discovering. It's a good ballot, and I'm looking forward to pulling metaphorical hair as I try to figure out how to rank things.

I have read three of the five novels on the list. I have only seen two of the five nominees for Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form, but we've put the others in our queue.

I am glad that there's a new Grandville book. I bought the first two after the second appeared on the ballot, and I'd no idea the third existed. I read volume 4 Locke & Key when it was on the ballot last year, promptly bought the first three, and agreed with mneme that we'd wait on buying the rest until the series completed with volume 6. (We did buy "Grindhouse".) But, now, we're just obligated not to wait. Yep, forced, I say, forced to find out what happens next!

It's fascinating comparing these nominees to the 2013 Nebula Nominees, and wonderful to see how much of the fiction is available to read online.
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