drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Hugo Ballot In

I may tweak it, but that's more in juggling close ties.

Novella's a very tricky call for my top three. "Last Stand of the California Browncoats" is, in some ways, stronger than the Newsflesh trilogy, which is pretty impressive. "On a Red Station, Drifting" is also very strong. But, the big surprise for me was the Sanderson. "The Emperor's Soul" is the one that made me cry -- for reasons of aesthetics and aesthetic appreciation.

I can't judge what wasn't nominated for Short Story, but the three stories that were are all strong. I lean toward "Immersion", but it's careful hairsplitting between that and "Mono no Aware".

The novelettes are all good. My last choice? Still very strong. My first choice? I have to look that up because it's so close.

I did read all the novels this time. Again, hair splitting.

And Best Graphic Novel -- five lovelies I'd not read before. I went out and bought Granville Bete Noir, as I got hooked on that when the previous one made the ballot, and it's gorgeous. It's also my first choice this year. Schlock Mercenary's entry is a bit weaker than the last two, which still means it kicks ass. Saga and Saucer Country both have the advantage of starting at the beginning. Saga is impressive. Saucer Country is not particularly to my taste, but it is very well done. Locke and Key's fifth volume, Clockworks, holds up surprisingly well for Part 5 of 6, I think because a lot of it is flashbacks to How It All Began. I've not picked up 4 or 5 in hardcopy -- but after reading 4 last year, I bought 1-3, and the second of those I bought in special-edition-with-script.

As for movies, the only one I don't want to see win is Looper. The acting was fine, but the script was not. The central premise was violated at least once, and... there are other issues as well, let's just say. I liked part one of The Hobbit, despite its flaws, more than Cabin in the Woods, but Cabin's the better film. But, it really boiled down to Avengers vs Hunger Games. Both are impressive, but I do favor Avengers, despite my least favorite line.

If I feel strongly motivated, I'll see if I can read enough to make an informed vote on the Campbell entries. I've read the samples for two of the five nominees.
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