drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Ah, the Technophile Life

I consider myself mildly technophobic, but I do have a lot of Devices. Naturally, so does mneme. But, sometimes, the Devices and Events Conspire Against Us.

For MishaCon, I'd volunteered to facilitate Fiasco and was taken up on it. This was a rousing success, despite some technical difficulties.

I've stopped trying to carry quite so many books since getting a good e-book reader. But, back in March, I dropped my nook, which damaged the screen, although the machine was still functional until a couple of days before MishaCon. But, we used this as an excuse to get me a Nexus 7 and mnemex a Nexus 10. Most of my files were on an SD card on the nook, but the Nexus machines can't take SD cards, and I hadn't factored that in to my party prep when my nooke finished going south. (*)

Now, Josh also has a nook. But, he lost his Nexus 10 when we went to see Pacific Rim the day before MishaCon, so he was using his nook.

This meant that I didn't have my playsets loaded onto my device. But, I did have Fiasco itself, as the folks at the Strategist said to me some time back, "So, you know, we can send you the free pdfs for companies participating in Bits and Mortar [buy hard copy in store, and get pdf for free] even for stuff you bought before that program was in place -- just email us." And, that included Fiasco, which I used dropbox to put onto my Nexus when I didn't have time to back it up to the sd card for the nook, and never took it off. So, we had the rules, which come with the four basic play sets.

Bully Pulpit, the publisher of Fiasco, has LOTS of playsets on its site, all free. All we had to do was pick one, and then pass around one tablet (not mine, which was being the rulebook) and one laptop while we set up the situation. We chose the Da Vinci playset, and things went awesomely bad for most of the characters.

Currently, mnemex has replaced the tablet and has mail ordered a case. We are considering how useful it is to have the spare nook -- while I had both nook and Nexus, I kept the nook offline and used it purely as an ebook reader, which means that when I gm'd, I could use the Nexus 7 to access the game wiki, take notes on the wiki, and look up all manner of stuff online, while simultaneously using the nook for whatever book I'd taken the week's scenario from.

Previously, my netbook filled the niche of my Nexus 7, but the Nexus is lighter. Actually, I now have two functional netbooks, both solid state Asus Eees, both now running Peppermint. We'd managed to brick one, but after replacing it with a newer model, we resurrected it. Both are functional, and in theory, I should be looking for someone looking for a basic netbook and not needing a big hard drive, as it totally lacks that. I also have an old laptop which I've not used for some time, but it has some issues, such as a) not having been turned on for over a year (at least) and b) the on/off button is messed up.

But, in theory, I've an obsolete laptop and a somewhat less obsolete netbook I could give to a good home. I also upgraded my music player, a small Sansa. I can give the old one to a new home, although it was having issues turning on and off, which is why I upgraded it.

I am also considering getting a new laptop, at which point I could theoretically pass my current one on. Of course, the reason I'm considering doing that is that the N key is having more and more trouble registering key presses, on top of general minor issues.

(*) In theory, it could be resurrected, and anyone interested in inheriting it and trying should ping me. It's been stripped bare of everything, including system stuff, and the screen is damaged. Anyone know where I donate or otherwise dispose of it in the not unlikely event that no one wants a Mostly Dead Nook?

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