drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,


The good:

Smooth flights
Seeing lots of cool people
Dancing -- I wasn't always on top of it, but the Friday Night Blues lessons and practice really did improve my overall dancing
Concerts -- really good ones
Circles -- ditto
Pegasus Awards -- I was 0 for 6, but many of the categories were full of excellence
Performance -- not a lot of that, but what I did was well received
Instruments -- I arrived with 2 harmonicas and 2 kazoos, and left with 4 harmonicas, 2 kazoos, and 1 monster kazoo, which seemed to work well at the closing jam -- if it was overly loud, please do let me know, as I'm probably not going to realize that
Closing jam -- it's a really good was to end the pre-dead dog part of the convention
Delightful boredom -- no robberies or hurricanes

The bumpy:

The tea party got moved to the restaurant, which is not a good space for it, and I gather the food ran out quickly.
When the hotel is thoroughly booked, the restaurant staff needs a heads up. The Saturday breakfast was very crowded, and food got consumed faster than it could be replenished.
Individual staffers were all wonderful, but they really needed two or three more of them at the banquet. There was soup but no bowls for a while, as the staff on duty were hopping from place to place to deal with other things.
We did get all the towels requested, but there was some uncertainty whether we could, as the hotel was completely booked. Okay, but I hope whoever deals with ordering supplies now factors this in.
The allergens. Someone decided that public bathrooms need Lots of Perfume Sprayed Into the Air. This meant when I used them, I came out nose and eyes streaming and sneezing. It meant that the area where the banquet was (right next to the bathroom) set off my allergies. What is it with hotels these days? This didn't use to happen so often.
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