drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Work and Play

Thursday, we caught Thor 2, which was fun. Good ensemble stuff. Two codas, one halfway through the credits, one at the end. One thing I'm mixed on, but can deal with, and a lot I like a lot. In some ways, asks a hard question or two, even if these go either unanswered or only superficially answered.

Friday, we did some Blues dancing, and mneme noted a weak area in my dancing that's a pain to work on, but also rather essential to work on. So it goes. (There are rather a lot of weak areas in my Blues dancing, and while the details of what they are and what to do about them vary, the what-to-do all essentially boil down to "dance".) We also had a class that hurt exactly the way the instructor said it would, and if I actually do the follow through, it will probably improve both my dancing and my general fitness.

Saturday, I ran a session of Call of Cthulhu. Then, we came home and did prep work for swapping out two IKEA shelving units for a third. This involved taking stuff off shelves.

Today, we worked on the swap and clean up from 2pm to 11 pm, with time out for dinner at a sushi place whose existence we learned about because we finally went to an Irish place that's been around longer than we have in the neighborhood, and the waitress gave us a card listing a bunch of local restaurants that participated in a recent restaurant week thing. The Irish breakfast we ordered was great, and so was the sushi in the new sushi place.

I'm finishing up an ice cream break and will then go back to reloading the shelves. Tomorrow, I've a doctor's appointment and a prescription to fill, and writing to do.
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