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Traveling To and From the Final Darkover Grand Council and Package Deliveries

Short version: So, we got a little... elaborate. Foolish, even. But, it worked. Our tv screen and stand were delivered safely.

As we headed off to Darkover, we learned that the stand for the new tv screen we'd ordered had been delivered despite our doing online paperwork to ask it not be delivered till Monday. No signature was required. We returned to find the packages in front of our door. This was a relief, and not entirely a surprise.

Supposedly, the tv was scheduled for delivery Tuesday, but it arrived Monday. I managed to get the UPS man to get it up the stairs into the building, but he flat out refused to pull the dolly up three flights of stairs. One picks battles one can win, and I sympathized with the man's desire not to wreck his back. We put it in as out of the way corner as we could, and I put a sign on it saying mneme pointed out that, next time, we should tell folks early what our situation is, like when we book the transportation, because they can help by offering more options.
mneme used the internet to find a Korean restaurant open until 4 am, less than a half mile walk from the train station.
We confirmed that starmalachite and stevemb could get us as far as the train station.

Sunday, mneme woke up in time for breakfast and a 9:30 am meeting, as he is on ChessieCon's concom. I woke up a couple hours later, and made the 1 pm YA panel.
We had lunch with lordess and Steve (whose lj handle I forget). After they left, we napped, went to the con suite, hung out listening to stories about con men, security, Nick Pollata chatting with Secret Service men in the White House (once they confirmed he was a harmless author and a geek about getting details right), and postal service things.

starmalachite and stevemb drove us into Baltimore, and, at our suggestion, dropped us a couple blocks from the train station, as it was much easier for us to walk that last bit than for them to drive it. By now, it was about 9:30 pm, I think.

We stayed in the station until 11:30 or so, then walked to the Korean place. The food was good, and the raspberry wine stronger than I expected. mneme figured this out early, reading the label. I'd forgotten that 30 proof on the sweet stuff really will go to my head quickly, faster than scotch or whiskey.

We left, with the remnants of food and wine, at about 3:15 am, and returned to the station. The train was running about 2 minutes late, which was fine.

We fell asleep. I woke up briefly once or twice, but the ticket collector had to wake us when we got to NYC. I went into bolt upright "wegottagetluggagedownNOW" mode, whereupon he reminded me that this was the terminus, so we didn't have to rush.

By now, it was about 7:30 or so, and mnemex decided to come home with me to drop things off before going into work. We took the Q32 bus, and discovered that at that hour, it is very crowded at the beginning, being used as much as an M4 bus as itself (the M4 runs along Madison. The Q32 does this up until about 57th or so, then goes to Queens.), but many people get off early on.

Monday evening, mnemex and I went to the New York Review of Science Fiction's December reading, which is always Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman, as part of the family holiday theme of that month. This time, they read from all three Riverside books, with much of the audiobook cast.

So, lots of sleep deprivation, insane travel plans, and a certain lack of forethought -- ad it was still better than taking a bus that picks folks up in the middle of nowhere.
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