drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

At GenCon

After waking up fairly early Tuesday for a day of work and errands, and a dinner at Blu Orchid preceded by an Ingress detour through Brooklyn, we finished our packing sufficiently late that we didn't sleep before tye car service pickup.

I went down first, tracing mneme by the lights going off. I saw one go back on and correctly guessed when mneme arrived that he hadn't turned it back off. I rectified that, and we went off to the airport. We were both randomly selected to be Pre, which made the security check point go fsster.

We did a steak and eggs breakfast, then went to our gate. Seats were assigned an hour before take off, but the woman at the desk was able to seat us together. We dozed, thenboarded, along with other gamers, then promptly fell asleep.

The plane landed and we reclaimed our luggage. We went to the bus stop, but the bus is no longer a secret. A local and two expresses quickly filled, so we split a cab witth one of the vendors. We got badges and event tickets, made the adjustments we wanted--and, sadly, lost mneme's black hat. We got coupon books and messenger bags, and we checked in to our room. Then, we made a reservation at Ruth's Chris and took a short nap.

Dinner was wonderful. We also got bread from Panera and Powerade, pens, mints, and distilled water for the portable humidifier. On the way nack, we heard the night's music from a couple of blocks away.

We are back inside. We need sleep, shower, and breakfast before our first game, which is at 10am tomorrow.
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