drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

New Subway Station

The new 7 train subway station is open. I'm a New Yorker -- this felt like holy ground.

mneme said, "You know, Daredevil fought the Kingpin to keep this from happening." (He later modified this. Probably what it was was a battle over jacking up rents to force gentrification. But, the point is, our brains were set on Make Odd Connections.)

My application to join the beta playtest for Dresden Accelerated has been accepted. During the alpha playtest, all the players created NYC city workers. It was awesome.

And... I think I have at least part of a plot for the beta playtest.

Mind, the game that really gets to plug the new subway station right in is, of course, Unknown Armies. The Urbomancers are out in force -- and the Second Avenue Subway is still under construction.
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