drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

GenCon Schedule

The plan is to fly in Wednesday and out Monday. We need to book that flight. We have a hotel room, but future GenCons may be iffy, as the hotel situation gets less tenable.

Wednesday: Arrive, maybe get some basic provisions, rest up, maybe meet folks and hang out. Also, mark up the map of the exhibit hall obsessively. I've found that I really need to plan my GenCon shopping.

Thursday: My first game's at 2pm, which leaves time to wake up, eat, and shop. My usual plan is to hit the exhibit hall about half an hour after it opens, to give the opening rush time to ease up. If memory serves, we're likely talking 11am opening, which should give me two hours for a preliminary walk through and buy stuff that must be bought early. Oh yes, also make sure I have enough to nosh on, as games are back to back.

2pm: Witch Hunt for Clockwork: Dominion, a Victorian-ish setting with a card based initiative system that I thought would be horrid, but which worked really well. I loved last year's "In for a Penny" and want a copy so I can run it, perhaps at AnonyCon.

6pm: Last Minute Plans for Fate, Magical High School. I played in this last year, but the original GM had had to leave early. The person who took over did a solid job, and I'd like another taste, this time at the beginning of the convention, where I'm hopefully more alert. (Mind, my lack of alertness got worked into the plot last year.)

Friday: 8am: An Unpleasant Diversion for Victoriana. Victoriana, saving me since I started running Kerberos Club. And dang, I want to get my hands on the four Havering adventures I don't already have! (I've played in one from the first batch, and run that and one other, then in the finale of the second batch, and the 7th adventure which is the capstone, and it was an utter blast.) Things I wouldn't have believed in high school -- or college -- include that I'd have a game with an alternate 19th century setting on my Must Play list for GenCon and that I'd voluntarily crack a history book on the period.

Noon-1pm: Something vaguely resembling lunch?

1pm: Criminal Magic for Wicked Pacts. This sounded intriguing.

5-8pm: Probably dinner. Possibly Games on Demand, depending on logistics and planning.

8pm: The Van Helsing Letter for Night's Black Agents. I'm currently running Dracula Dossier, four generational, and we're up to the 1940 leg.

Saturday: 10am: Highland Spirits for Clockwork Dominion.

2-6pm: Food, shopping, maybe Games on Demand.

6pm: Stolen Lives for Call of Cthulhu. This one comes with a trigger warning.

Sunday: 9am: Dweomer by Gaslight: Corpse Lights. Game system is listed as "Nova6". I am not sure whether that's correct or meant to be Fate, given there's a reference to something that I recognize from the DresdenFiles RPG.

After that, we shall see. I'm not sure when Games on Demand closes, and we do like being in the exhibit hall for the final cheer of the weary dealers.

Monday: We check out. Flying home in the wee hours of Monday worked well last time, and is likely to work better with an actual hotel room Sunday night.
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