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Team Tremontaine: Surprises and Subtleties

Old Challenge: What is a moment within the Tremontaine tale that took you by surprise? Was it finding out something about a character you knew from Swordspoint? A romantic entanglement? Blog about it!

Season 1:
Vincent. 'Nuff said.
Reuben -- he knows Rafe's father? He's delighted Micah's staying at University? He's suggesting she go to a ball -- does he not know she'll take that seriously?
William -- whatever I thought Diane's husband would be like, William wasn't it.
The name of Rafe's book.
The big surprise was foreshadowed, so that was more confirmation than surprise to me. One detail did surprise me, at least, if I understand it correctly.

Current Challenge:

Challenge one: Things are heating up in this Season! What are your thoughts so far? Any surprising events? Create a blog post or image post about your Season 2 journey.

As of episode 7, things that surprised me:

The Duchess of Hartsholt. I like her. I like her a lot.

How thrown Vincent is by his backstory showing up. I'm not sure whether I like that or not. I don't like his ditching the job of protecting Tess, but I've ranted about that before. I do wonder whether his meeting with Reza in episode 7 was pure chance or whether Diane somehow set that up.

How Micah's all "oh, navigation, that was boring, and I only ever did it to make Rafe happy". Say what? This feels like folks have decided to drop Micah's interest in navigation and justify it by saying she was never really interested in it. Last season, she sure as heck seemed interested in it, increasingly so as her numbers didn't work out, desperately so when she thought the Kinwiinik were in dire danger. Okay, she's since learned otherwise -- and apparently that has no lasting effect on her in terms of her relationship with Kaab. I don't know whether it's just that we weren't shown how little Micah cared about navigation, that we weren't shown her meeting with Dr. Goodell and so don't see how she got interested in other equations, or whether it really is a clumsy retcon.

I was surprisingly unsurprised at the twist in Kaab's relationship with Rafe. When Vincent finds himself thrown, I really don't expect that. When Vincent ditches his job for Tess, I'm Very Annoyed. When Micah says she was never, ever, really interested in navigation, I want to yell at the book. When Kaab suddenly realizes after "Convocation" that the Fenton warehouses are being targeted by thieves, I wonder whether someone forgot that she seems to have figured this out in "Convocation".

But, when Kaab screws up her relationship with Tess, gets drunk, and spills the beans to Rafe? That feels somehow inevitable. It _fits_.

Kaab's impulsive, and she's not used to being torn between friends and family. She's not happy about hurting Rafe, and I think she doesn't realize how not happy she is about it. Sure, she'll protest that she's doing her best and hates being in that position, but I don't think she understands how much she hates it.

I suspect that killing Rafe would have bothered her less. I'm sure she would have hated it, but I think this constant situation, where she has to choose to keep her silence not once, but over and over, and where she has to see Rafe not as a corpse she regrets, but as someone hurting every time she sees him, eats at her.

I don't know how much of this she realizes. We're all good at forgetting we're not at the center of the universe, but some folks are better than others, and Kaab excels at this.

Oddly, one thing I think that wasn't a mistake was telling Tess the truth about her supposed breach with her family. I see Tess's point; I really do. But, not to tell Tess would be to treat her as a dupe. Even if Tess wouldn't have figured it out, and I suspect she would have, the whole situation would have been worse.

I suspect a certain event is going to happen this season, and I wish it wouldn't. I'm dreading the rush to put in all the stuff that shows up in full bloom in Swordspoint -- I think that should be fairly low key, at most. Swordspoint's 15-20 years after Season 1 of Tremontaine (the exact time depending on how old a certain character is in Swordspoing), and I don't want Tremontaine seasons 1 through -- oh, let's be optimistic, and call it 12 -- to feel like "Yep, and then next year, we get Swordspoint".

Challenge two: What might the holidays (pick any holiday!) look like for the characters of Tremontaine? Would Diane send passive aggressive gifts to her less-than-favorite friends? Would Micah invent a Turnip Turkey? Have fun with this one!

I'm not particularly interested in answering this one myself, but I bet Micah would be great at subtleties -- food of one kind that's shaped to look like a different kind.
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