drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Recent Viewing: Kung Fu Yoga

So, did you maybe secretly or not so secretly wish that Guardians of the Galaxy really had ended with a dance off -- only, instead of a dance off it was a dance party where EVERYONE was happy?

So, a movie about China and India, moving from a merely okay past sequence to suddenly getting way more interesting as it hits the present day (like, maybe 5 minutes in), where several languages fly and we are SO grateful for subtitles because we are utterly monolingual, and still not realizing until it happens that OF COURSE there is going to be a huge dance scene, when the penny (or whatever small currency unit you favor) finally drops:

Me: This is insanely goofy.

Josh: Yes, insanely goofy.

Both of us, simultaneously: I kinda like it!

And Josh pointed out that the fact that there was a group of good guys, all of whom get spotlight time, is really important because it showcases the next generation.

And I love to pieces Jackie Chan's -- er, excuse me, archeology professor Jack Chan's response to constantly being told, "You are the greatest archeologist in China!" which is "Only one of them!"

Because it's not about false modestly, but it's not about some silly competition to be number one. Community's where it's at. That and dance parties!

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