drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Morgan Wolfsinger Music

I got email from Morgan Wolfsinger:


Read your August 18th journal entry. If you still need to find my stuff, I am currently converting my tapes over to cds. I currently have 'Cuchulain! Hounds and Heroes', 'Magic & Mercenaries', and 'Heartrose' on cd.
'Songs that Should Not Be' is being rerecorded for cd release (hopefully August 2006), and 'Water & Fire' will go to cd 2007. I am currently having a sell-out on my remaining tapes (Magic & Mercs, Water & Fire ) for $3 each (includes postage) and my remaining book (Cuchulain H&H ) same deal. I also have a website at users.sitestar.net/~wolfsinger. Let me know if you want to order anything.


The song we sang at WorldCon, "Tale of Brian MacDee", is from Cuchulain! Hounds and Heroes.
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