drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Friday at Arisia

mneme, ebartley, and I met up in Chinatown and got on the bus to Boston, cabbing from the station to the hotel. There's a number of things annoying about this year's Arisia, but, thus far, the hotel room is not one of them. We reserved painlessly, and received the room we were told we'd get.

The Dealer's Room and Dealer's Row are missing a couple of familiar faces. Art and his used books don't seem to be here, and White Hart doesn't seem to be here either. Larry Smith is here, and he brought a cooy of the NESFA Press Cordwainer Smith anthology for us to buy. I picked up a few more books, new and used, as well as a piece of garb that looks warm, but didn't make me feel overdressed. A few clip on chains and I could probably make it look like a Girl Genius coat.

I caught the last half hour or so of a concert, and then a drumming jam, which was great. I'm still annoyed that we now have a mere hour and a half -- up from an hour two years ago, and I think zero hours last year -- and that we get booted by Rocky Horror, at eleven, so the set up can be completed by midnight. I mean, okay, while I don't see why you'd go to a con and then watch Rocky Horror, this, like the drumming jam, is an Arisia tradition. But, does it have to be in our spot? Does the 24 hour film track have to be in the other good dance space?

That said, it was a kick-ass drumming jam. I started using my thigh as a drum, then used a soft cover rpg, Promised Sands, as a drum. ebartley offered me a hardback rpg, but I'm glad I turned her down. The softback contoured nicely to my thigh, and my hands were sore enough without a hardback to deal with. And, we were going for a long time without a break. I hit mild trance fairly early on, drifted in and out of deeper trance, and kept the hands moving, sometimes counting, sometimes reciting the rhythm (doum-doum tek-a-tek), sometimes moving head back and forth a lot. Shoes and belt came off early, and the hair went loose. After it got fairly intense, the glasses came off as well. After a good long while, someone loaned me a drum, a sweet plexi-glass headed doumbek.

Lots of dancing happened, from swing with great moves to belly dancing. There is a complex interplay between drummers and dancers, and it was full of energy tonight. As with roleplaying, the participants are also audience, although there was also an outside audience.

After the long number, the second one, the drum was reclaimed, and I went back to my book drum. This was the last number, and I was praised by one of the dancers for my use of a non-traditional drum. Then, the Rocky Horror people started rushing us out. Grump. I understand that they do need to set up, and that this takes time, but we were not dawdling. We were catching our breath, and gathering instruments, shoes, and other items.

I'm currently in the filk. It's about 2:30 am, and I'm running low on laptop power. I'll see if I can actually post this now, or if my computer is requested to look up a song.
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