drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Backing up computers, more or less

Some time ago, mneme walked me through backing up about 90% of my files onto my laptop. Saturday, I tried to back up the rest on my own, and then we did a factory reset on the desktop.

Turns out I only backed up, say 95-98% of my stuff. No big deal, but annoying. When I zipped up the folder that email gets deposited into on my hard drive, I was silly enough to take on faith that this meant everything was backed up on it, and I didn't double check. The most recent couple months or so of email -- which I store in subfolders on my hard drive by month -- didn't back up. mnemex says that this is probably because they were saved somewhere else, even though this is not obvious when I try to use the files. I should have copied each file over to a new directory, zipped and moved that one, and CHECKED to make sure I had what I wanted.

Fortunately, I don't think I had anything critical there. Or at least, not critical and irreplaceable.

Then, we set up some stuff on my laptop, and I put a background on it that I like -- a Hubble view of the universe. It has the desired effect. When I boot up the laptop and see it, I think, "Wow. I like that image."

It turns out that factory reset on my desktop does not include Microsoft Office. I thought it had. I may have the CD somewhere around here. If not, I'll manage, even though it does feel decided odd not to have Word or Excel on either my laptop or my desktop.
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