drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Intercon F in brief

Intercon F was a blast. May do a fuller write up in labcats. Semi-briefly:

The schedule was advanced one hour from what the website said. This helped us on Saturday, as we inadvertantly left an extra hour for set up for Jamais Vue, but was really annoying on Sunday. It would have been less annoying if we'd been told, explicitly and unsubtly, that the schedule had changed.

The Buffy larp was light and fun. It ended early, which was a good call on the gms' end. No reason to make a game drag on when everyone is done. We monitor Baths to avoid this problem. I had some issues with the item cards, but nothing that got in the way of enjoying the game. Lots of people sang, likely inspired after Cordelia and Harmony (me) did an earsplitting duet of "Flashdance", proving that the bar was not that high. crash_mccormick did a great costuming job as Lorne and a fine job of being the host of Caritas. A lot of us had abilities that we never used, or never used all the uses we had. I was complimented on being an excellent Harmony.

Jamais Vue seemed to run well, and Michael McAfee helped by playing a couple of NPCs. I made a small list of stuff to deal with when we go over the game and try to box it. It was interesting seeing it run with a full cast.

Across a Sea of Stars was worth the ten+ hours I invested playing in it. One of the sub-systems didn't work really well, which was annoying. I enjoyed the tales-within-the-tale structure, as I got to play a wide range of characters with a wide range of players. mneme tells me the inner tales were pure Narrative in Forge terminology, and I think he is correct. In the outer game, once I realized that I should just let the other people on my team deal with the technology sub-system, I was fine. I wound up playing the diplomatic game, which was a little surprising, as I'd not planned that, but it was the correct thing to do, and it was fun. It also let me interact with crash_mccormack, which proved mutually beneficial. All outer tale characters had a dilemma to resolve, and mine was resolved satisfactorily, as it was made moot by superior technology. One player had her PC commit dramatically appropriate suicide at about the 3/4 mark of the game, and everything just clicked beautifully after that. The key was figuring out what your outer character would learn from the tales you participated in, both in terms of the system and in terms of how that modified the character's goals and actions.

I gather it was as well that I wasn't in Nightmare Before Saint Patrick's Day. Gorgeous production values, but the game itself sounds like I would have spent much time being very annoyed.

Baths went into Wacky Roman Hijinks mode, which was wonderful. We had to do a bit of last minute recasting, which we'd figured, as it was a Sunday game, and we discovered that one character isn't quite meaty enough to be a PC. The pool wasn't as well set up for my purposes as the one in the DexCon run -- everyone stayed in the deep water, and I decided not to go in. Then again, I didn't really have to. And, I remembered to put chariot racing odds on a nearby easel, which made the racing plot more interesting.
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