drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Techie Devices

So, I've backed up my laptop on DVD.

My desktop doesn't read DVDs.

I put some files on a mini card -- I forget the exact flavor, but it's the kind that my Nokia tablet takes. I put the card in my new device that plugs into whatdyacallem ports, and plugged it into one of those ports on my desktop. It registered the device, but kept asking me to insert a disc in.

I repeated with an MMD card. Same result.

At mneme's suggestion, I am now trying with my old device, the one that had the cover snap bit snap off, which is why I got the new device. This seems to be working.

Whytheheck the desktop won't recognize the other device I'm not sure. I think it recognizes it with standard SD cards.
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