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I've now read the 4th, 2nd, and 6th Dresden novels. I like the second the best, I think, and find the 4th the most crying to have the plot borrowed for an rpg session, though I may see what I can do with all three. I like them better than the first Anita Blake book, the only one I've read thus far.

I utterly failed to get into Kage Baker's Company novels, leaving the first unfinished, even though I really, really liked her Anvil of the World.

I read Lois McMaster Bujold's The Hallowed Hunt, which is not as impressive as Curse of Chalion, though perhaps tighter in some ways, but annoyed me less than Paladin of Souls, though it still had a premise or two that really, really irked me. Good plotting and smart characters. I do like it when the characters are smart.

mneme and I watched Curse of the Were-Rabbit, which is good and deeply disturbing in the way that something that cute and clever spoofing cheesy werewolf movies can be. My favorite scene involved coins and a plane.

I've also started working my way slowly through Cowboy Bebop. Interesting combination of nonsense and physics that might actually work.

In gaming, I need to write up two sessions of my Sorcerer game. The first I'll keep to the labcats 'blog when I've written it. The second ran us into problems that jlighton pinpointed as being due to a combination of him, me, and the system, and so might be useful to post to the Forge. This was a case where, as far as I could tell, we understood the system, any confusion I had was quickly dealt with by having 3 copies of the rulebook and 3 players far better at groking rules than I am, but we were just not having fun with this.

The local D&D group just made 4th level, and I have discovered that True Strike is a cool innate ability with many refinements.
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