drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Wanted: iConcepts Palm III screen protectors

I still love my Palm IIIxe. I write on it a lot. So, I need screen protectors.

I have one Fellowes WriteRight left. I don't know if I can get more. They're okay.

I love iConcepts' screen protectors. They work well for me.

mneme ordered what we were told were 2 packs of iConcepts' screen protectors. The picture matched what I had. But, we were sent ScreenGuardz instead. mnemex left negative feedback, as this was not what we had ordered, but said that scuttlebutt on the net indicated that they were probably good.

For me, ScreenGuardz suck. They are spongy, which is a problem for someone who writes a lot, as opposed to plays games or something else involving a lot of poking the screen, rather than trying to draw lines on it. They squeek and make my handwriting confusing the the Palm.

I've just used my last iConcepts. Despite some trouble getting it on, it works beautifully now that it's in place. I want more.

Anyone have any idea where I can get some?
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