drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Slowly learning old new tech

As jlighton pointed out, the mp3 player mneme gave me has its own software on a CD. I installed this, and spent some time copying CDs to my laptop, and thence to an SD card. I am astonished that 13 CDs is just a bit over half a gig, having gotten the idea that music files are Very Big.

mnemex showed me how to put the card into the player, and I exempt myself from shame for not figuring this out on my own. To put in the card, one has to open up the section where the AAA battery goes in, take out the battery, put the card in the slot behind the battery, then put the battery back and close the machine. Ick.

But, I have now played a song on my mp3 player. Next, I should learn to load it directly, rather than through a card, and perhaps figure out what playlists are, how to make them, and why I might want them.
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