drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

New Palm?

I walked into J&R on Friday, asking what model pda would read my docs, pdfs, and spreadsheets. The guy at the counter showed me a T|X, but it didn't recognize my card when we put it in. He argued against an IPAC which cost the same, but with less memory and space. However, he was convinced that nothing would read a file that wasn't in special format, or maybe it couldn't read a card -- whatever it was, it was something my old T5 could do, so I decided I'd get no further.

Sunday, mneme and I went to Datavision and asked what pdas could read my card. The guy we talked to took us to a T|X. This one recognized my card and could open not only the doc files, but also text files. And, while I still couldn't select a quantity between a paragraph and an entire memo, I could select exactly as much as I wanted from a document open in Docs to Go. So, we shall see.

Meanwhile, there was a lovely little tablet for about $1600 that mnemex and I both lusted after, but both decided to pass on for now.
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