drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,


mneme took me to a Broadway show for my birthday on Sunday. bugsybanana and jlighton came as well. We saw Chicago. It was very good. I didn't realize that it was a revival of a 1970s musical or that it was based on an earlier play of the same name. Nor, I think, did I realize that it had Fosse choreography -- the real dirty dancing.

That said, jlighton confirms that agrumer is correct about the seats being, well, less comfortable for people of larger than average size than airplane seats -- and I do not mean people significantly larger than average size. Hm, in fact, I may mean people larger than small sizes.

Also, even at half price, even with a good show, as this was, we all agreed that the prices were just too high. The revival of 1776 was one of the few that struck me as worth the asking price, and that was full price, some years back. The revival of Wait Until Dark wasn't quite worth it, Tarantino or no.

But, I'm glad I saw it. Many thanks to mnemex for implementing a very last minute plan!
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